About us.

Solving real problems.

Feeling safe and secure is one of the essential parts of what makes house feel like home. However with security systems costing in 1000s of dollar, this is the part of the home that is often neglected. Orbii is able to protect your home with only one unit, because it is the only system that is mobile and can freely move from room to room, giving you audio and visual access to every part of your home with single smart home device.

We want to make the world a safer place by giving people access to their homes while they are away, so they can make smart decisions when something is wrong, and connect them with their homes when everything is right.

Meet the team.

Omar Barlas
Omar Barlas

Over 12 years of experience in software product development and projects management.

Gabriella Draney
Gabriella Draney

Serial Enterprenure, Venture Capital, Investor.

Ozair Barlas
Ozair Barlas

CPA with experience in corporate environment as well as managing small business financials.

Eric Mercado
Eric Mercado (Electronics Engineer)

Electronics Engineer with experience in embedded systems and electronics designing/manufacturing.

Sean Simon
Sean Simon (Strategic Advisor)

Multiple Startups and Entrepreneurial Experience.

How Orbii started.

Omar, a new home owner, was walking around the store looking for a new smart home security system. He quickly realized that in order to get full coverage for his home, he would need multiple cameras all around his home, which would end up costing him thousands. After hours of research on mobile and modular home monitoring cameras, not a single device that offers mobility and sensors in one device was to be found. That is when Orbii was born.