Smart Home Monitoring

Take Control

Orbii is your eyes and ears when you cannot be there.
Live video and audio streaming paired with your unique mobile platform, makes patrolling your home easy. Orbii can keep an eye on your kids or your beloved pet, from any mobile device or computer.

Secure your domain

Forget to set the Alarm? No worries. Orbii’s advanced motion detection system, carbon monoxide sensors, and sound sensors, keep you up to date with anything that happens in your house, good or bad. Orbii's cloud service is programmed to contact a designated phone number in the event that any of its many sensors or alarms is tripped.

Enhance your home

With its advanced array of sensors and modules, Orbii has the ability to connect to other smart systems in your home. Orbii can maintain the temperature of your home, and communicate with your thermostat to change the temperature when it gets too hot or too cold.

Forget to lock a door?

Ever have to think twice if you locked that door? Now you don’t need to! Orbii can detect if you have left your home and check to see if you locked your door by communicating with your smart lock. Orbii will let you know if its unlocked.